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Hmmmm, actually yeah I do have a question. Forgive me as it is a topic you may have already covered before... If you know of my work, you know that I do a TON of speaking, mostly with teens and well, substance abuse related conferences also. I have someone that does my bookings and have for years and she is great! However soon I will be booking for another music tour. My bookings person does not feel comfy booking anything other than my speaking events, so that means I will be having to hunt for a bookings person that can book music tours. Course I will google all this stuff when getting closer to figuring out a timeline etc but, what makes a "good" bookings person vs a "not so good" one? BESIDES the obvious - "they can get the bookings." -- Like what else should I be looking for that a good bookings person can do versus a not so great one? Anything above and beyond the actual booking process? Any lil gold nuggets that separate the good from the bad that may not be well known?.

Michael Brandvold Marketing responded on 04/27/2018

You want a booking agent who specializes and understands your music and genre. Someone with years of experience and the connections. They should understand the the world of music, ie... importance of social media, that it is the job of the venue and artist to promote the show. But keep in mind that agents only make money when you make money, they take a % of the performance fee.

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